Dyno facility

Kiwi-RE has the experience of tuning on all types of Dynamometers.

I have the experience to tune any Rotary engine powered vehicle and have had great results, from New Zealand's fastest Untubed Rotary to New Zealand's fastest Circuit going Rotary to New Zealand's Fastest Targa RX7. Results speak for themselves. We carry out dyno tuning on alot of other vehicles also and can tune most after market  ECU's from Microtech to Apexi, Motec to Haltech and so on.

Diagnosing of :

* Electronic fuel injection
* Carburettors
* Ignition systems
* Diesel engines
* Fuel systems
* Engine and engine systems
* Computer mapping
* Turbochargers and Superchargers
* Drive lines
* Manual and Automatic transmissions
* Speedometers
* Vibrations
* Noises
* Routine road testing

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